Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Natural Farming Certification Seminar

Drake, Master Cho, Dr. Park

I am attending a five day  certification workshop for Cho Global Natural Farming in Kohala taught by Master Cho.  About 60 students from all islands are eagerly absorbing his wisdom.  His message of raising food in harmony with nature resonates.  It is what God intended.  You can feel it in your heart.

We are housed at the Makapala Christian Center, almost at the end of the road near Pololu Valley.  Drake and I are in the big dormitory room with a dozen bunk beds.  Very basic, but functional. Wonderful experience to spend five days and all meals with the participants.  So much sharing of information with very special and gifted people in our community.

Group making inputs during hands on workshop

We had fun making inputs in groups of ten persos.  I joined Drake's group.  We made all the inputs including IMO #1, #2, #3, and OHN, Fermented Plant Juices, Egg Yolk Oil, Fermented Plant Juices, Water Soluble Calcium and more.   There were lots of experienced folks in the group so it was amusing to see discussions break out on such subtle points as to how much water to use when making white rice for IMO #1.  One cup water for one cup rice, whoa, too much moisture might make anaerobic bacteria.  More water, less water?  Turns out these kinds of details are important, as during the last days of the conference we were able to compare the groups successes and failures by looking at our collective inputs, discovering why and how to make inputs correctly.

Hawaii's first class of certified Cho Global certified Natural Farmers

All of the attendees came away with a renewed and deeper understanding of the subtleties of how to practice natural farming.  Beyond that we are fired up and ready to transform our lives and teach others if they so choose.

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