Monday, October 31, 2011


Drake thanking volunteers
My son Drake organized a positive protest this past Sunday evening October 30th.  Rather than be "against" anything, he is protesting by planting food in public spaces.

Jennifer and Julie planting taro

Over 40 persons showed up in Downtown Hilo to plant taro and other edible plants in the median strips on Kamehameha Avenue.  What had been weeds and roundup became wonderful edible landscapes in just two hours.  The vibe was so positive and the intention will reverberate and hopefully spread across the globe.

Transformation in Progress

This is all done using Natural Farming techniques.  Several weeks ago Drake and a few of his friends sprinkled IMO (indigenous micro organisms) in the areas to be planted. Folks showed up with plants, mulch, watering cans, more IMO's and intention to make Hawaii sustainable.

Each of us on the Island can plant food.  It will make us free from dependence.
Be the solution!


  1. What a great event! I look forward to visiting the plants often. Here's the link to my blog on eating off our land one day a week:
    The "subscribe" feature doesn't seem to be working very well, am trying to fix it. Today I am making coconut oil (I hope).

  2. What an inspiring "Occupy" event! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!