Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall 2013 Update

Mid October 2013 and Jennifer and I are planting seeds for one last planting.  It might seem strange for you folks living in Seattle, Denver or Madison, but upon opening my eyes waking up from a great nights sleep, I glanced at the digital readout on our weather station and the temperature was 74 degrees F.  So we put on our shorts, flip flops and headed out to our gardens.

Our seed starter bed 

Oct 2013 Jennifer showing off her produce

Tomatoes, lettuce, beets, comfrey, arugula, chard, and kale.  Yes, plants still growing very well.

Picture from earlier Summer post.  Same greenhouse as above just planted

Orange tree is full of fruits.  Fall is harvest time and I love my fresh squeezed OJ.  Check out the microbe population growing under the tree.

Washington Navel Orange tree

Microbes huge populations of white hairs helping feed the oranges


  1. is there a way i can contact you about natural pig farming?

    1. Jason, sorry about my in attention to my blog. Yes contact me via email : My chickens and pigs are doing great, happy to share. Even have baby pigs for sale.