Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Korea Natural Farm Tour

In the Fall of 2009 I visited South Korea with my son Drake and a small group of agricultural enthusiasts from the Big Island.  The tour was organized by Dr. Hoon Park.  We were honored to spend a week with Master Cho, the founder of Korean Natural Farming.

We spent 8 days visiting various farming operations that had switched from conventional farming methods to Korean Natural Farming.  In every case the farms were experiencing much better results in every measurable metric; better yields, lower input costs, less pests, no toxic fertilizers or pesticides, higher profits, better quality.....  We saw apple orchards, kiwi orchards & persimmon orchards.  We visited greenhouse operations of tomato, strawberry, melons, zucchini, bell peppers... all with amazing and heathy plants.  We visited Naturally farmed animal operations, including odorless pig farms, chickens and cows.

I spent 2010 in my gardens at my home trying to learn and apply some of the Korean Natural Farming methods.  I have not used any fertilizers, but instead have concentrated on applying IMO to the soil and learning how to compost, grow worms and make the natural inputs used as plant sprays like, water soluble calcium, fish amino acid, lactic acid, oriental herbal nutrient, fermented plant juice and fermented fruit juices.  All of these inputs can be made from the resources right in your garden essentially at no cost and produce amazing results in fruits and vegetables.

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