Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Connection between my Goal and Trash in NYC

Mountains of trash piled up in NYC after the Holiday snow storm and folks don't get it.  

When you go to the store and buy stuff it comes in packaging.  I don't care if you bring your "GREEN" reusable bag to the store, if it comes in packaging it creates trash.  NYC is no different than the rest of us, it is just more concentrated. 

This is one reason I am trying to grow my own food without buying outside inputs.  It does NOT create trash.  It does not come in a package.  The excess is recycled in my compost to make more food.

Hey, I'm not saying I'm any example, as I love to burn jet fuel just for the hedonistic pleasure of carving powder turns.  I'm just saying, we are a long way from being Green or saving the planet when we get in our cars and buy groceries.  Growing our own food is a critical part of the solution to sustainable living.

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