Thursday, February 10, 2011

Math, Economics & Ability to Grow Your Own Food

I am NOT a doom and gloomer.  I am a REALIST.  This is math, not hysteria.  I am interpreting the real life implications of measurable things.  Knowing how to produce food will soon be a critical skill.

Prices are determined by the intersection of supply and demand curves.  This is math.  The most important supply and demand curves for our planet today are FINITE resources & INFINITE growth of economic systems (capitalism, communism  or you name it ).  Prices will rise to allocate scarce resources. The problem is the demand curve is very steep, caused by a global population explosion and increased consumption of developing economies (China, India, etc...).  And the supply curve has already headed downward (peak oil, peak resources).  This means prices will not move gently, but rapidly.

This is the first time in human history these two curves have intersected (green dot).  For the first time the demand for our planets resources have out paced the supply.   Because we are at or beyond peak resources, the blue line sets the supply limit.  Yet the red demand line goes up and up, beyond the supply of the planets resources.  This is uncharted territory, but the math is clear.  Prices will rise to allocate scarce resources and reconcile the difference between the two curves denoted in yellow.  As the difference between the two curves increases, the increase in prices will be greater.

Who knows how this will play out in the global political arena?  But the signs of this mathematical truth are all around us today.  Food riots in developing countries are already common place.  The graph below illustrates how this has impacted our pocketbook in just the last 12 months.  The math tells us it will get much worse, much more rapidly.

This blog is intended to document my personal journey and to help  others gain the knowledge to produce your own food naturally.  Moreover, growing food naturally and being in harmony with natures systems is tremendously spiritually rewarding.  So enjoy the journey.  Share love.

PS. I created the charts pictured above.  The supply / demand curve is an original creation, so please excuse it's crude chalkboard look.

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