Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Transplanting Veggie Seedlings on Jan 31, 2011

I transplanted most of the seedlings into two of our greenhouses on Sunday.   Those seedling were the result of Jennifer and I planting seeds into our germination bed on New Years Day 2011.  Some germinated, others did not.  None of our soy beans germinated as well as two varieties of lettuce.  However  we had very good germination with our Kale,  Chinese Cabbage, Bok Choy, Romaine Lettuce and Green Crunch Lettuce, and Cilantro.  I had transplanted a few zucchini and bush beans two weeks earlier because they grew faster than the other seedlings.

A few Kale seedlings yet to be transplanted

This germination bed is made with two by fours and chicken wire stapled to the frame.  We put a thin layer of newspaper on the wire, then add 3 1/2 inches of compost soil.  Then we plant the seeds and cover with a thin layer of light peat moss (Pro Mix).  The bench is elevated on several concrete blocks so it's difficult for ground critters get to them.  Not shown is the cover to protect against mice which is just the identical frame with a finer mesh wire on top.

Newly transplanted seedlings in greenhouses

The greenhouse beds were prepared several months in advance of transplanting.  This one was not tilled.  It had vegetables planted in it last year.  I just cleared off all the surface vegetation and left the soil alone.  I put on about a half inch of IMO#4 and a trash can of horse manure over the entire bed then mulched with about 8 inches of grass clippings to prevent weeds from germinating.  I did not water the greenhouse for a month which also prevented weed germination.  I commenced watering several days prior to transplanting.  To plant the seedlings I just poked a hole in the mulch, moved a bit of dirt with a trowel and placed the seedling into the hole.  It was so cool to see the IMO#4 working under the mulch.  I watered in the new transplants and look forward to seeing them grow and soon to eat them!  Jen and I will replant the germination bed this weekend.

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