Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Night

Trick or Treat
We are so remote, no child has ever knocked at our front door in the seven years we've lived here.  They probably know they would receive an avocado or rambutan as their "treat" and are off to better pickens where they can get their high fructose corn syrup rush.  So I am spending this uninterrupted time posting to my blog.

Additional Farm Dwelling Oct 31
Humble first steps.  Foundation for Drakes bedroom starts to rise.

Our goal for 2012 was to get the infrastructure built.  We just might make it by 12/21/12.  Our main kitchen / living building got the dry wall textured today.  We'll paint the inside this weekend and cabinets and floors should go in soon.  The three detached bedrooms are getting the interior finishing touches done, wood floors, bathrooms tiled, etc...  The electrician is connecting the main unit to the bedrooms tomorrow in underground cable.  The trenching was fun, ask Drake.   The plumber will be installing solar hot water next week.

New shed before putting the tin roof on.

View from new shed

Our new shed is up, roof on, water tank full.  Animals and their Natural Farming habitat is so close to being ready.  Working hard trying to cross the finish line and meet our 2012 goal.

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