Monday, November 12, 2012


Sunrise Blessings
The Mayan Calendar starts counting in 3114 B.C.  Wow, that is more than a few moons ago.  Despite the craziness of our world today, including insane tensions and transitions in the Middle East, our daily lives and the human race march on.  For me it is about the rhythms of life.  Almost daily I am blessed with incredible sunrise paint-scapes of multi-colored clouds at sunrise as the world turns another turn.  This morning a sliver of a new moon was just above the horizon as the sky turned from the blackness of night into another brilliant day.

Mauna Kea at sunset and our nearly completed Kitchen/Living Area.
Getting near our goal of completing the infrastructure to be self sustaining, we crossed the $200K mark today.  It ain't cheap to build.  But I am blessed to have the resources to do make this happen. 
Thank you!

My dream is to enjoy the rhythms.  I may get my wish soon. 


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  2. I have just found Natural farming and I am soooo excited to discover a way to grow food that makes sense. Thank you for doing this blog. I learned a lot. I found it from Drake's site. You must be very proud of what he is doing. Thanks for all the information, I'll try and spread the word here in Kansas!

  3. Loved your letter to the editor today, Eric. Don't know why some councilor from Kahala thinks she has the right or the wisdom to tell Puna farmers what they can and can't grow.