Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 1 of "Eating What I Grow"

Yes today is August 1st, and it is the day we begin to honor the crazy commitment I made on January 1st, to only eat what I grow for one month during 2011.  Jennifer is joining me on this adventure and I really appreciate her support.

Upon waking up this morning, I got on the scale to record my opening weight.  It's not like I expect to loose pounds, but might need a reference point in 30 days.

Pre-breakfast I replaced my normal cup of strong coffee, with hot water with a squeeze of lemon from our lemon tree.  Very satisfying.  Then Jennifer and I had a smoothie with frozen bananas, fresh papaya and fresh squeezed sugar cane juice.

For lunch I had two hard boiled eggs and two taro burgers.  Tasty and filling.

For dinner we had sautéed french beans and boiled purple sweet potatoes with gee.

So far so good.  Not hungry and I feel energetic.   Taking it one day at a time.

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