Sunday, August 21, 2011

Three Weeks and Feeling Great

We reached the three week mark today.  I spent the entire weekend on the property gardening and just loved it.  No need to leave, no need to go to the store.

It rained all Sunday (great gardening weather) so in the afternoon Jennifer and I felt like watching a movie. But you can't go to the movies without a snack, so we got creative and made taro chips.  Jennifer has a mandoline which is a device to slice very thin and uniformly.  It worked great on previously steamed taro to make ultra thin slices which we then fried in coconut oil.  We added a little sea salt and voila, home made taro chips.

Taro Chips
For lunch and dinner we had pumpkin squash soup.  We steamed the squash then put them into the vitamix blender with home made yogurt and sugar cane juice.  As Jennifer remarked, " very savory".

Pumpkin Squash Soup

We have plenty of food.  So we are not about to starve.  The biggest change is the change in our diet.  If Hawaii is to become self sufficient in it's food production it is not enough to grow our own food, we must "eat what we grow."

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