Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Three

I find some of the strangest things about this exercise so far is my snacking habit.  No coffee, so no Starbucks visits when feeling a bit tired.  No cookies or sweets that often are available on the front desk at work.  So I've substituted with dried pineapple and dried banana, and some fresh pineapple chunks.  No glass of wine in the evening, so I've had a sugar cane juice with lime.

Harvey Diamond wrote "Fit for Life", one of the best books I've ever read on eating for health. He advocated eating only fruit until noon each day because the amount of energy the human body uses to digest.  So my morning fruit smoothies fits his recommendation perfectly.  I've done this before and I find that by about 10:00 I am hungry.

In the middle of the day I ate a couple of hard boiled eggs, some pineapple chunks, and some taro.  Not all at once, just kind of grazed during work.

Jen is just finishing her Wednesday evening Yoga class, so we'll get together in a few minutes and decide what to prepare.  I think we'll have a salad, lettuce and tomatoes.  Maybe some taro in a tomato soup.

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