Monday, August 29, 2011

Jennifers Reflective Thoughts's time for me to pipe up again.'s hard to believe four weeks have passed...time IS speeding up. 

Recap- I was so psyched to do this in the beginning and enjoyed the process most of the time. I definitely had some cravings and sometimes was really sick of washing the harvest and preparing our meals day after day- I like to eat out a couple of times a week so this was a withdrawal for me. I so enjoyed perusing the gardens and seeing what was ready, what we could create. I enjoyed my time with Eric, cooking and caring for the garden. I can spend much more time than I do now in the garden...maybe when I make that commitment I will lean to an even more appreciative attitude. I found myself feeling so much gratitude to the plants for providing SO much. And SO much gratitude to Eric for keeping it all together. He is amazing..many people when they see our gardens ask if we have help. No siree...we have Eric with tremendous energy, a more than positive attitude and a heart full of love for his garden and providing for his family. A beautiful man, a gentle man. Today I told him he was a 'gentle man' farmer.

It is HUGE to know that we can do this. We have learned to be more creative with 'whatever we got' and to inJOY the results. We have vowed to eat more from the garden into the future, and are letting ourselves use coconut milk and mushrooms, and whatever else from the market can make a meal just right. We have a solid garden basis now and will continue to create and inJOY. Life is full, blessed and GOOD. 


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