Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Eleven

Cassava, beets, french green beans and guava juice

Yesterday I fought off a few cravings.  Things like driving by the Starbucks I would normally pull into and having it call out to me.  Or in the evening before dinner wanting to munch on a bag of chips.  Today wasn't so bad.  

We are a third of the way through our exercise and it is interesting to observe myself.  The first few days I was tired.  I had energy in the day but early in the evening I would be sleepy.  Eleven days in, that isn't the case.  My energy level is much higher than before.  I'm not stuffed like I sometimes was after a heavier meal.  I think the lighter eating is giving me a higher energy level.  I'm also getting used to sometimes being a little bit hungry.  Normally I'd just go to the store or fast food and fill up when I felt hungry.  Now I just have a little bit of healthy garden food or nothing at all.  At first it was an uncomfortable feeling.  Now I am used to it, and actually like it better.

No coffee and no alcohol are big changes too.  I use to kick start the day with a jolt of caffeine,  now I'm having some ginger turmeric tea heated in the microwave.  In the evening I use to bring it all down with several glasses of red wine.  I don't miss it.  In fact I feel really good.  Clear headed too.

Breakfast: papaya, banana sugar cane juice smoothie and two boiled eggs later.

Lunch:  Pineapple chucks, and taro with a spoonful of pesto.

Afternoon snack:  dried banana and dried pineapple.

Diner: Cassava, beets, french beans and guava juice.

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