Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Month is Complete - Just the Beginning!

Well Jennifer and I just completed 4 weeks of "Eating What We Grow".  We DID IT!

Preparing Apple Bananas for the Dehydrator
However, it is just the beginning of our journey into self-sufficiency.  Now that we know we can feed ourselves, we are free to explore the subtleties what to produce and fine tune how to make fabulous meals right from our land.

Fresh OJ, White Pineapple, Purple Sweet Potato and Squash

Eggs with salsa, and Purple Sweet Potato Hash Browns
For those who think this is impossible, or that this can only be done in Hawaii, or you don't have enough land.... check out this video where one family is totally self-sufficient on one fifth of an acre in Pasadena.  No excuses.  It is simply a matter of deciding to do it.

One of the best things about eating from your gardens is the freshness of the food.  Korean Natural Farming produces the most nutritious food, filled with vitamins and minerals.  Dr. Park always says that to get the same amount of nutrition as an apple grown the old fashion way before modern fertilization practices, you'd have to eat 40 of todays apples.  So eating this way is the most healthy way to eat.  No need to have government inspectors looking out for your safety or to worry about what went into your food, anti-biotics, preservatives, hormones, fungicides, pesticides... whatever.

Baked Pumpkin Squash and French Green Beans

Not only is it healthy, it's FREE.  Thats right my grocery bill for August was ZERO, nada, nothing, zip.  And I spent nothing on fertilizer too as all Korean Natural inputs are found right on your land.

Honey likes Bananas too
Even my dog likes it.  No store bought dog food for her.

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  1. Congratulations! We are inspired and want to do this too, next summer when our chickens will be laying, and maybe we will have a form of milk by then, too. Could you post some recipes for favorite locavore foods such as the taro burgers?