Monday, August 15, 2011

Half Way

We completed two weeks on the program today.  Jennifer and I enjoyed dinner looking at a full moon rising over the Pacific, simply magnificent.  Our evening cocktail is one half lime into an ice filled glass then pour to full with fresh squeezed sugar cane juice.  We ate pesto (lemon, mac nuts, and basil), beets, french green beans and cassava.  We are both amazed how full we get, even though what we are eating is very light.

Diner, cassava, pesto, beets and french green beans
I spent the weekend gardening and except for walking the dog did not leave our property.  Today I went over our 4 small greenhouses including harvesting, suckering and trellising the tomatoes, made IMO #4, weeded several of my upper garden beds (three wheelbarrows full of weeds into my compost pile), spread stored IMO #4 on a newly prepared garden bed, feed the chickens and collected the eggs, and harvested sweet potatoes and cassava.

I woke early with a cup of ginger turmeric tea and then headed directly into the gardens.  I am a morning person, so this feels right.  I love working in the garden in the early morning while working up an appetite for breakfast.  Upon my return to the house, Jennifer made me a fabulous smoothie. She through in a surprise this morning with some frozen lychee we had in our freezer from an earlier harvest this Spring.

We had a calm relaxing lunch about 1:00 where we enjoyed home made cottage cheese, beets, and avocado with home made salsa.  Fresh squeezed Orange Juice was our refreshment drink.  Wow, great lunch on a Sunday afternoon.

One last note half way through the experiment.  I've lost ten pounds in 14 days.  That is 5% of my body weight! I am not starving myself, quite the opposite.  So how can this be?  I think it must be that I am not eating any fat or empty calories.  Losing weight was not my intention, it just happened.

truth in numbers

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