Friday, August 26, 2011

Day Twenty-Five

New bed topped with IMO#4 and chest high taro
Another great day in paradise.  Jennifer and I had a tasty fruit smoothie for breakfast to start our day.  Then off to work, poi and hard boiled eggs for lunch.  Some fresh white pineapple for snacks.

Next years pineapple crop using weed mat

I finished putting IMO#4 on the garden bed I prepared yesterday then topped it off with lawn clippings to protect the IMO from direct sunlight that would be harmful to the microbes.   Look at the health of the taro plants in the bed next to this new one, they are chest high.  The cassava plants are thriving.   I was able to sneak in a flight on my paraglider before dark on a perfectly calm evening in Onomea.  Life is sweet!

New sugar cane with cassava

Dinner was a salad, cassava with pesto, and taro chips with guacamole.

cassava hash browns
taro chips, salad, salsa, guacamole

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