Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day Twenty-Three

They say it takes twenty-one days to develop new habits and leave old ones behind.  Although Jennifer is really ready for this to end, I am not.  She misses her chocolate and lunches out.    I think she is hungry a lot more than I am because she has not really embraced the diet from our gardens. However, she eats very healthy any way.  Me on the other hand had lots of bad habits, coffee and alcohol to name just two.  After three weeks I really feel good, much much better than I did three weeks ago.  And beyond that I like my new foods.

Tonight I cracked macadamia nuts so that Jennifer could make pesto also using our fresh basil and lemons. We had it over cassava hash browns.  (we grated the cassava in her food processor - effortless)  We also had fried eggs with home made salsa and some avocado.  Delicious!

cracking macadamia nuts for pesto
I need to get more creative using my taro.  To this end I used our champion juicer to make poi - which I will have for lunch tomorrow.  We have so much taro in our gardens.  The Hawaiians basically lived off the taro plant.  It is incredibly nutritious and easy to grow.   I've been having it for lunch most days and it does a good job of getting rid of any hungry feeling I get about mid-day.

taro before becoming poi

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