Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Four

Last Nights Dinner,  egg salad with tomatoes
It is getting easier. I am getting used to the new routine.  I still have the urge to reach for the old goodies (coffee, snacks, lunch out, wine in the evenings) but not as strongly.

Breakfast was a smoothie.

Lunch was two hard boiled eggs, some pineapple chunks, and some taro.

Pre-dinner cocktails were fresh squeezed sugarcane juice and lime.

Dinner was purple sweet potatoes with fried eggs.

Pulling Black Eyed Peas from their pods

Papayas Oh Yeah!
Went into the garden after work to harvest.  Got some black eyed peas that we'll have as a soup tomorrow night.  Also got a pale of papaya fruit for morning smoothies and several bunches of bananas.

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