Friday, August 19, 2011

Day Eighteen

Bertha is pregnant
Ho hum just another day Eating What We Grow.  Getting very routine.  I've been eating an almost vegetarian diet and I must say I feel very good.  However, a little steak or pork might be welcome once in a while.  Both of my two cows are pregnant so hoping to double my herd soon.

Today's menu: Fresh fruit smoothies in the morning, a couple of hard boiled eggs mid morning, sweet potatoes for lunch and big green salad for dinner, with a lime sugar cane pre-dinner cocktail.  Somewhere I had a glass of guava juice and some dried pineapple slices and dried bananas.

I fed the chickens before I went to work, worked at my job all day, and in the late afternoon went paragliding from my front lawn for a half hour (perfect conditions), then worked until almost sunset taking the wainaku grass out of a garden bed I am reconditioning.  Looking forward to the weekend so I can spend more time in my gardens.

I made a down payment on a 72' by 32' greenhouse structure today.  Thinking about getting a couple of pigs. (I love bacon)  Master Cho has a way to raise pigs without any foul odors.  We visited Mike and Liz Hubbel yesterday and their pig pen has absolutely no foul smells.  The pigs live in a deep litter system with microbes that eat the poop.  Amazing but true.

Mama pig and baby piglets 

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