Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Twenty-Four Days

Heading towards the final stretch.  Started the day with a fruit bowl and some home made yogurt from our neighbors raw milk.  Very wonderful! Then off to work.

Jennifer making fruit bowl and yogurt breakfast
When home I was able to prepare about a 200 foot long by 4 feet wide garden bed.  It has never been planted before but had been spaded about a year ago.  I added bio-char, dolomite lime (calcium and magnesium), horse manure, some wood shaving that had been inoculated with IMOs.  Then I tilled that in and shoveled and raked the bed into a uniform and even garden bed.  Tomorrow I'll add a thin layer of IMO #4 to the top surface and cover lightly with grass clipping.  I'll use this bed to transplant the small taro plants that surround the big corms when I harvest them.  I did the same preparation to the two rows that are next to the one I prepared today and they are thriving with cassava, sugar cane, sweet potato and taro.

new tomato plants in greenhouse
lettuce and purslane in greenhouse
These pictures are from two of my four greenhouse.  One has new tomato plants starting to be trained up on bobbins.  There are thirty two tomato plants and each week I trim off all suckers except the growing tip and clip to the bobbin.  This method produces 4 tomatoes per plant every ten days and will keep producing for months.  I am just now abandoning my other tomato greenhouse as those tomatoes have been producing since about February and are now a bit tired.  The picture on the right is young little manoa green lettuce and purslane a very nutritious addition to salads.  Google it.

For dinner Jennifer and I enjoyed sauteed french green beans, sugar cane juice with a half a lime, and a fresh green garden salad.

cane juice, french green beans, and garden salad

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