Saturday, August 20, 2011

Terrific Twenty

Today is Saturday and I had so much energy I couldn't believe it.  I had a larger than normal breakfast and then headed out to garden for the day.  I didn't even feel the need to stop for lunch.  Normally I can only work for a couple of hours before needing to rest for a bit.  But that wasn't the case today.  Wow.  I just kept going.  It has been about three weeks and I am ten pounds lighter.  I just don't feel lethargic or old like I used to.  It is amazing.

Breakfast, eggs, taro and tangelo juice
For breakfast Jennifer and I had fried eggs with pesto and taro slices fried in gee with fresh tangelo juice.  It was a new way to prepare taro and I really enjoyed it.

Jennifer was having yoga friends over today, so we pressed 2 gallons of juice out of just three cane stalks.  It is amazing how much juice comes out.

I redid a long garden bed this morning.  First I pulled out all the taro plants cutting two thirds of the corm off and all the leaves except one.  I planted these in another previously prepared garden.  After weeding I filled a cart with bio-char, IMO wood shavings, horse manure, Dolomite (calcium and magnesium).  I dug this mixture into the long bed, raked the bed smooth and put a thin coat of IMO #4 on top.  I like to have prepared beds ready to accept transplants when they are ready.

I mowed about a third of my extensive lawn.  Then I  sprayed Cho's flowering mixture on all my plants including all the fruit trees.  I have a new toy, a real tractor and it has a 50 gallon sprayer driven by the PTO.  Yesterday I brewed a compost tea from IMO #4.  I added worm juice (from our worm farms), fermented plant juice, oriental herbal nutrient, brown rice vinegar,  water soluble calcium (made from egg shells), water soluble calcium phosphate (made from bones), fermented fish acid, and sea water.  My new sprayer worked great and made it easy to spray my plants,  The cool thing about spraying with Cho's home made ingredient is if the mist blows on me, it is fine because you can drink each and every ingredient.  I took the remainder of the spray solution and soaked it into the garden I prepared.  This will activate that garden and is recommended.

pumpkin squash
After a wonderful afternoon flight I transplanted lettuce and beans into a bed in the upper garden.  Coming back to the house I stomped around the weeds where we have some pumpkin squash planted and discovered about six perfectly ready squash.  What a nice surprise as it will make a fantastic soup.

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